Addressing Mobile Security Threats in the Workplace

The growth of mobile technology is changing every industry and reaching all corners of the world. According to a report by industry giant Ericsson, 70% of the world’s population will be using smartphones by 2020 and 90% will be covered by mobile broadband networks.[1] More adults now access the internet through smartphones than through desktop […]

Telemedicine is changing the health care system for patients and hospitals for the better.

More Americans sending pictures, texts to doctors

Nearly 60 percent of smartphone users say they’ve transmitted information pertaining to their well-being to doctors by way of mobile devices, according to a recent survey.


Trending On Thursday: Time to Prepare for the Holidays

It’s officially late October, which means it’s well past time for businesses ready for the holidays. If you’re feeling a little behind this year, don’t worry. This week’s Trending on Thursday has some great tips for getting your small business on track for the holidays, which are expected to have a significant revenue uptick from […]