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As a particularly fraught presidential election draws closer, the sentiment among small business owners is surprisingly cool. At least that’s according to a recent poll, showing most small business owners are not changing hiring or wage growth practices. This week’s Trending on Thursday shows other results from that poll, along with advice for engaging users […]

What do Americans agree on these days? The nation's roads need fixing - and a lot of it.

As election nears, Americans like-minded on transportation infrastructure needs

Between 80 and 90 percent of registered voters believe that the nation’s roads and bridges are in poor shape, according to a recent survey commissioned by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). 

Men's and Women's Olympic Swimming.  National Aquatics Center

Trending on Thursday

Every four years, the world watches at each country’s greatest athletes compete in gymnastics, swimming and other summer sports. In this week’s Trending on Thursday, we take a look at what lessons small business owners can take from the Olympics as a whole, as well as how we can all try to emulate our country’s […]