Healthcare in the Age of Robotics

Surgical robots have been used since the early 2000s, enabling surgeons to perform delicate work with greater precision, flexibility and improved reach. Today, medical robots are quickly moving into other areas of healthcare to achieve better patient healthcare outcomes, improve efficiency and lower cost. Because robots are ideal for repetitive tasks, their use in healthcare […]


Creative Ways to Keep Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated

Good staff is hard to find and even harder to retain in today’s competitive restaurant labor market, so making sure your employees are happy as well as productive is a top priority. San Francisco restaurateur Ryan Cole and his partners compete for workers against the cafeterias of high-tech companies such as Twitter, Uber and Dropbox. […]


Motivating Millenials

Millennials — they’re everywhere. As the dominance of the baby boomer generation wanes, millennials now set trends in American society. Born between 1981 and 1997 and 75 million strong,1 millennials are the largest generation living and working in the United States, and their impact as consumers and workers will drive the U.S. economy for several […]